Blue Apron Moroccan Chicken

Easy Foodie Fun with Blue Apron

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First, please note that I am not sponsored by Blue Apron, thought wouldn’t mind if I was!  Hints to BA! Second, don’t hate if you don’t think Foodie and Blue


Shifting Creativity

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I envy those that can stay the course on one hobby, but then I don’t.  My shifting creativity keeps life interesting and our home in fresh supply of weirdness and

Rosemary Bread

PFF: Homemade Rosemary Bread

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Rosemary bread is a special treat from the local bakery, often paired with a hearty stew or soup.  It is a rare delight, and one that I wanted to recreate

baked beans

Holiday Traditions and Baked Beans

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This past year my last living grandparent moved on and it was the first time I took an active role in the sorting of a life.  I guess it is a

pumpkin pie

PFF: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

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What to do with a leftover can of pumpkin?  Well, if you’re lazy and don’t want to make pie, like me, you can make a pumpkin pie smoothie! I searched

Brussels sprouts

Butter-Steamed Brussels Sprouts

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This year we have a new addition to give thanks for at our holiday table:  butter-steamed Brussels sprouts.  Now, I get it, many feels that they are gross or bitter


The App Life: Boxed

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The Boxed app comes through courtesy of the Ibotta app.  Like Jet, it is an online shopping resource for groceries and other bulk needs. I have pros and cons for


The App Life: Jet

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I really like being able to shop in app form, especially for groceries.  Recently, Ibotta featured two new sites:  Jet and Boxed and I tried both! Today, I talk about